How to get started with essential oils

So you’re ready to do this oil thing? I’m super excited! You’ll be so glad you made this choice for your family’s wellness. Here’s how to do it.

1. Keep the MEMBER box selected.

2. Hit CONTINUE at the bottom right.

3. SELECT THE STARTER KIT of your choice. The PREMIUM STARTER KIT is the best choice.

Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • a diffuser (you get to pick the Desert Mist or the Dewdrop). Pick the Desert Mist, trust me. It’s beautiful.
  • 12 oils (Peppermint Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Thieves Vitality, Citrus Fresh Vitality, Digize Vitality, Panaway, Frankincense, Lavender, Valor, Peace and Calming, Raven, and Stress Away)
  • a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate (you will literally replace all of the cleaners under your sink with this!)
  • 2 sachets of Ningxia Red (an antioxidant rich drink that will be your morning go-to)

You get all.of.this for $165 plus tax and shipping. It’s worth almost $300 but you get it for $165!

I told you about the Premium Starter Kit with oils but there is also a Thieves kit, a Ningxia kit and a Savvy Minerals makeup kit. You pick! Any of these kits will get you a wholesale membership, which means 24% off all future purchases!

4. Here’s where you can also select the MONTHLY DELIVERY OPTION — this is an amazing opportunity to get discounted shipping rates, rewards for your purchases, and free essential oils with that month’s promotions!

-You can cancel at any time.


5. Click ADD MORE PRODUCTS — this is where you can add on any additional oils to your order that might not be in the starter kit. (Like Deep Relief—aka full-body-massage-in-a-bottle. I don’t go anywhere without this roller. You could add Cedarwood, also known as ZZZZZZZzzzedarwood to promote healthy sleep or Lime, which is a fantastic mood booster!)

6. Click NEXT


7. Put in your information. You’ll need to make a PIN # and password, which are super important. So make sure you pick something you’ll remember!


8. Select your shipping — go for more expedited shipping. FedEx can be so pokey slow! My personal fav is YL GO (Young Living’s version of “Amazon Prime”) which means one yearly payment for all of your essential reward orders plus extra orders for FREE plus faster shipping time! You save a ton of money this way.

9. Go ahead and order! Shoot me a text at 302-521-7599 when you order, and I’ll send some oily goodies your way. Yay!